Bright Green Business

Bright Green Business

Bright Green Business provides the opportunity for businesses to engage with students and graduates throughout the year on short-term projects.

The aim of Bright Green Placements is to support organisations to invest in the skills of the next generation entering the workforce, whilst progressing a project that you may not have the time or resources to do.

We place students or graduates in areas such as sustainability awareness, waste management, marketing and community engagement. An 8 to 12 week placement can help projects move forward or start something new.

The EPP scheme has helped organisations identify cost savings of several millions of pounds, identified new target markets, reduced their carbon footprint, reduce their waste to landfill and implement new business processes.

Bright Green Business tries to keep things as simple for you as possible. We advertise the role, arrange interviews, organise the payroll and provide the candidate with a mentor to help support them through their placement.

If you are interested in our placement programme or require any further information please contact the Bright Green Business team on or visit our website