Route Monkey

Route Monkey

Route Monkey is a global leader in the scheduling and optimisation of assets for a wide range of sectors including fleets, logistics, and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs).

Its award-winning route optimisation and scheduling software eliminates unnecessary mileage and increases vehicle utilisation. Making millions of calculations in a short period of time, it also substantially cuts the human resource required for transport planning.

Typically, Route Monkey can reduce fleet costs by up to 20 per cent and substantially cut carbon emissions. Affordable and self-funding, the savings generated are considerably higher than the investment required. Fleet customers include fashion retailer Net-A-Porter and Iceland Foods.

Route Monkey has gained international recognition for technical innovation and is the market leader in the optimisation of ULEVs as well as providing smart energy and Intelligent Mobility solutions. Its EVOS technology is the world’s first optimisation software for electric vehicles (EVs).

The company has also developed a free EV journey planner, MyRouteMonkey, which aims to eliminate range anxiety for electric car and van drivers. It is available at

As part of Trakm8 Holdings Plc, Route Monkey can provide a fully-integrated telematics and fleet management solution, including vehicle tracking, tachograph analysis, dashboard cameras and driver behaviour.