The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS) exists to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of Scotland’s people through education, training and qualifications in environmental health.

Air pollution represents the single largest environmental risk to public health globally as recognised by the World Health Organisation. Public interest regarding local air quality and it health impacts has been increasing significantly.

REHIS recognises the profile of Electric Vehicles is also growing and now becoming an important element of UK and Scottish Government climate change and transport policies. REHIS have recently provided evidence at the recent Scottish Government’s Environment Climate Change and Land Reform Committee on Air Quality in Scotland.

The latest announcement in September 2017 by Scottish Government is for a major expansion across Scotland of electric vehicle infrastructure by 2022 coupled with a phasing out of all new fossil fuel engines by 2032 this is supported by REHIS. REHIS recognises the challenges with the Scottish Government committed to creating a Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) in Glasgow by the end of this year and working with local authorities to introduce LEZs into four of the biggest cities by 2020 and to all Air Quality Management Areas by 2023.

Our members, including Environmental Health Officers and Air Quality Experts are already doing great work in this area and will continue to play a vital role in delivering LEZ’s with low emission vehicles playing an important part. REHIS has been actively promoting the benefits Electric Vehicles amongst the membership and sponsored the installation of an Electric Vehicle Charging point as part of the International Federation of Environmental Health - World Environmental Health Day 2017.