Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors

Tevva Motors produces range extended fully electric trucks from 7.5 tonnes up to 32 tonnes.

Tevva’s award winning proprietary technology integrates battery management systems, the latest electric motor technology and a patented, intelligent, remotely operated range extender.

A Tevva truck can achieve 100 miles on batteries alone and becomes effectively range-unlimited with the range extender. Further, because of the way the range extender operates, even once the batteries are depleted, a Tevva truck uses approximately 30% less fuel per kilometre than a standard diesel powered vehicle.

In January 2017 Tevva announced three major projects to the value of £2.74m – these being run in Partnership with lead customers UPS, Kuehne and Nagel and DHL. In addition, Tevva expects to announce during Q2 2017 a further project to develop a range extender that is fully carbon neutral and provides a reduction of 95% over Euro VI standard in NOx and PM10 emissions.

Targeted on the back-to-base fleet application, the Tevva truck finally makes the fully electric, zero emission delivery truck a fit for purpose, real alternative to diesel. Similarly, the Tevva solution applies equally well to busses and municipal vehicles. Best of all, the Tevva truck is available immediately.